Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Important Relationship

I am in graduate school for my second semester now, and just so happened to stumble across a topic of great interest and importance to me. I began researching mother-daughter relationships and the communication that takes place between them last semester not thinking it would turn into my thesis topic. But the more I researched it and the more I learned about all the complexities of this relationship the more I realized this was what my passion was in.

I come from a single parent home where my mom raised me, so while we had our differences in my younger adolescent years, as I have matured and grown older I have come to cherish our relationship more and more.

Through all of my research on mother-daughter relationships, while girls are often thought of as being a "daddy's girl's" it is the relationship that a daughter has with her mother that is one of very great importance.

So as you think about the importance of the relationship shared between mothers and daughters, I want to pose these questions to you.

- How do you personally view your relationship with your mother/daughter?

- Have you always viewed it this way?

- What are some qualities that characterize or explain how you view this relationship you share?

I am looking forward to reading your responses, observations, comments, questions regarding this important relationship as I try to further understand the mother-daughter relationship.



  1. What an amazing topic! This is so great. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Although I don't fit your criteria (yet) -- I'd like to help you out.
    Are you on Twitter? I can put the word out there and direct moms to you. Let me know.

  2. Wow you are an answer to my prayers! I can not thank you enough, getting the word out to mothers and daughters about my blog is just what I need to further my research. Yes you can find me on Twitter @cherylfaneca. They can find the link to my blog on my twitter page. Again, Thank You! and I will keep you updated on my research endeavors! :)

  3. Hello dear, I am happy to help you out in any way that I can. I have also contacted my mother, hopefully she will jump aboard so that you may get feedback from the both of us. I am not sure how this is supposed to go. I am embarassed to admit, but I have never "blogged" before; welcome to the 21st century.

    Blog 1:
    It is funny how relationships work in cycles. We rely so heavily on our mothers for love and survival as infants, toddlers, and children. As young adults, although we still need them for these things, we would rather be caught in some socially crushing scene than admit it. As the void grows so does the the quickly approaching reality that college is just around the corner. I think this happens so that the transition is easier on both parties. Once separated by more than hormones the relationship begins to grow back in different, more fullfilling ways.

    My mother and I have always had a wonderful relationship. Now, do not get me wrong there have been fights! Oh, have there been fights. But I have always been very grateful for her gentle and forgiving nature. Growing up I thought that she and I were nothing alike, and I am not sure I wanted to be exactly like her. Mostly because I didn't have the ability to comprehend how great she actually is. As I have gotten older I have realized just how amazing she is; and those times that I catch myself acting just a little like her I am so thankful. I am not sure this could have been achieved without leaving the nest. Leaving allowed me to see other mother/daughter relationships which made me realize just how special ours was. Also, distance allowed me to miss certain aspects my life that were void once she was not there.

    Like any first year college student, freshmen year was characterized by social events rather than visits home,but now I look forward to those times and actually can't wait to move closer to home. Our mother/daughter relationship may have began out of survival for basic amenities, but it has grown into much more. I don't just need her, I want her company, input and love often.

  4. I feel truly blessed to have such a great relationship with my mother. She never tried to be my best friend; she didn't worry about disciplining me when I needed it. Because of that, I have a huge amount of respect for my mom!

    As I have grown older, we've become really good friends. I think my mom knows everything about me- I don't keep secrets from her. Also, she has been able to share things with me that she hasn't shared with other members of our family. I like that she feels she can trust me enough to have these conversations.

    In the past 5 and 1/2 years (the time I've been in college) our relationship has grown even more. I would have thought being away from home would have caused the exact opposite affect, but it didn't. We tend to talk on the phone about once a week for at least an hour.

    When I'm home from school, we make it a point to have time for just the two of us (without my siblings, without my dad, without our dogs) to hang out. These "Mom and Katie" dates are a pick-me-up for both of us.

  5. It is amazing how the transition from high school to college and living on our own makes us realize the importance of relationships such as the one we have with our moms.

    I know when I was still in high school (as it was only my mom and I living the our house) it felt like we were constantly in disagreement with one another. I ALWAYS thought I was right about everything. Because of all of our disagreements I was not expecting things to develop stronger between us as I moved away to college.

    But sure enough by not being in contact with my mom every single day I realized how important of a person she was in my life. Not that she wasn't important to me before but the small nit picky things that we once disagreed about when I lived at home were no longer worth my time.

    The time I shared with my mom once I moved away from home was precious to me and I valued it and our relationship and communication more than I ever imagined that I would.

    I now look forward to and cherish the phone conversations, skype dates, facetime conversations, texting, and visiting with my mom.