Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mental Rest


I hope you all are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. This has been a very long week for me, with grading my students speeches and preparing them for their upcoming test and informative speech on top of staying ahead in my own classes including getting started on my thesis.

I am extremely optimistic about my thesis research and hope to eventually get my blog more public in order to reach numerous amounts of mothers and daughters. It is definitely a slow process, but I am learning a lot. I have already been contacted by a wonderful woman who wants to do her part in helping me get my name and research out there. So the continuous support from family, friends, colleagues, and support from people who are just interested in my research is amazing and extremely appreciated.

Last night in my Qualitative Research class after discussing everyone's progress on their current research, my professor wanted us all to take a moment to think outside of our box, get out of our comfort zone, and take a mental rest. She handed us each a sheet of paper along with some markers and asked us to draw images related to our research. She wanted us to draw what we first think of when we think about our research and continue from there. While my drawing ended up being very basic compared to the others in class I have decided to post a picture of it to my blog for everyone to see.

It is supposed to be a laptop as my center focus of my research as my site is this blog. You can see my interesting attempt at drawing a Texas on the laptop, as I then draw in the location of my mom in Houston and myself in Lubbock communicating through our cell phones. This picture incorporates the geographical distance that I am interested in learning more about how it affects mother-daughter communication while incorporating elements of technology (laptop & cell phones) and how they aid in mothers and daughters keeping in contact with each other. So I hope you enjoy this interesting artwork of mine. :)

I wonder if anyone interprets my drawing as symbolizing anything else, or gets something else out of it?

WIth my recent move from Nacogdoches, Texas (where I got my undergraduate degree at SFA) to Lubbock,Texas for graduate school and with my mom still living in my hometown outside of the Houston area, technology has been a surprising lifesaver for maintaining our relationship.

Without the IPhone video chat capability, skype video chat, Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging I do not believe that our relationship would have withstood this move as well as it has with all this technology. It allows us to not only talk to each other but see each other as well, which makes it feel at times like we are actually there with each other.

Technology has had such an impact on our relationship I am curious if technology has had the same of different results with other mother daughter duos. What sorts of technology are common ways of communication for you and your mother/daughter? Do you try to use these forms of technology as often as possible to contact one another. Are you as a mother or daughter satisfied with your communication with your mother or daughter given the forms of technology you use?

With the way technology is constantly changing the way our world works and the way people communicate with one another it will be interesting to see what new advances technology will make that will continue to aid in keeping in contact with one another.

Until next time,



  1. Hi Cheryl! Thanks for your comment on my blog (! I am actually a college student living at home right now. I did live away from home for two semesters during college. I'll be graduating in May, but with the job market as it is, I might continue to live at home after graduation for a while in order to save some money. I'm not sure if you're looking for only mothers and daughters who live separately, but in any case, I'd be happy to help out with your research if I can. Best of luck! ~Elizabeth

  2. Hi Cheryl: Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog (, My Mother's Daughter). I am a 42 year old Mother and Daughter. My daughter is 9 and my mom is 60+, who also lives with me. I named my blog the way that I did because my mom has always been crafty/artist. Then only recently I got into crafting and thought it was only fit to honor my MOM. With that all said, i totally appreciate your research. I am a Master's Level social worker and fascinated by family dynamics. If I can help you in anyway please don't hesitate to contact me.

  3. Hi name is Carolyn Mungo. I am a friend of your aunt Carol's. I am a single mother of two girls. one is 21 and will graduate from college in May. The other is 12. they are both very intelligent and do extremely well in school. but it when it comes to dealing with "mom"... it's as if it's coming straight out of a how to tick your mom off..textbook. ( sometimes anway!) I would be happy to help you in anyway i can. my email is:

    good luck!

  4. Hey, Honey! I miss your face and I know how hard it is to collect thesis data so I'll try and help.

    Facebook has been a lifesaver for my mother and I since I moved across the country for Grad School. I can post pictures of what's going on in my life while I'm at college so she can see it all. On the other end, sometimes when I'm feeling homesick my mom will take a fun picture of our dogs and post it to my wall so I feel a little less homesick.

    I really appreciate my mom's fb etiquette. She doesn't comment on EVERY SINGLE thing I post like some parents do to their kids. She doesn't friend all of my friends unless they add her first. I like that she can use facebook with out being intrusive.

    We also tend to share music with each other through fb. When we find a song we like, we post a youtube video of the song to each other's pages.

  5. Hello my dear! I miss your face as well! I guess if you aren't already that you are close to being done in graduate school, CONGRATS! :)

    Isn't it funny the different types of etiquette that parents develop for things such as facebook. My mom is the same way, she is not in all my business or commenting on everything like I have seen some mothers do as well. And even when my friends do ask to be her friend on facebook, she will call or text me to ask if it is alright and/or appropriate for her to accept.

    The technology and capability of cell phones these days being able to take amazing pictures has been another great way for my mom and I to keep in touch when I am feeling homesick too. My mom just recently got a bunch of things done around the house and she was able to send me pictures of the house which were so comforting to see.

    Isn't technology such an amazing way for us to keep in touch with our mothers?! Especially for you and your mother since the distance between you two is much greater!