Monday, February 28, 2011


I have had some very productive days this past week. On top of finalizing my chair for my graduate thesis I have run numerous amounts of errands and have also completed the ever-dreaded taxes and FAFSA. Technology has proven to be a very important part of me accomplishing these two things specifically.

Some of you might be shocked but the other weekend was my first time to complete both my taxes and FAFSA on my own. I know how can I be 23 years old just doing these things for my first time. Well as numbers are not my thing my mom has been a huge help in this area. But this year it was time for me to put my big girl pants on and complete these on my own.

As I was nervous accomplishing such big tasks for the first time I asked for some assistance from my mom. While the tax program proved to be straightforward it was still nice having someone agree or disagree that I was doing things correctly.

The cool thing about me accomplishing my taxes and FAFSA is that my mom (while living 540 miles away) was right next to me helping me step by step and through every process all because of technology!

For 3 days in a row we logged on to Skype and video messaged for a few hours at a time, of course talking about our day and catching up on each others life, but Skype has this feature where you can share your computer screen with someone you are video messaging with. This means that I was able to share my computer screen (while working through the tax program) with my mom who was able to see which step I was at exactly and was able to make sure that I was clicking the right things etc.

This proved to be a FANTASTIC way for me to transition to learning to do my taxes and FAFSA on my own without having to be thrown right into it! No only did technology aid in me completing my taxes and FAFSA with my moms help, but it felt as if she was right there next to me at my computer guiding me through it.

And this is just one way in which technology has impacted and strengthened my relationship and communication with my mom! ☺



  1. When I was studying abroad, I was able to use Skype to talk to my mom (along with the rest of my family). Although we weren't able to video chat, we were able to talk, when otherwise the cost of communication was not feaseable.

    However, recently my mom upgraded her crappy old phone to a brand new iphone. Since then, it's surprising how much our communication has increased. Upon receiving her iphone, I gave her some strict rules about using it-turning off the camera, not using it to check her bank account, not bringing it to the dinner table, ect. Although she knew these rules, and essentailly taught them to me, it was a nice reminder to help keep the relationships she is establishing real-not to be cheapened by the iphone, but rather enahnced. Only once have I gotten a text she meant to send to someone else. :-)

    Cheryl-great job on being a big girl! You can do it!

  2. I agree that taxes and FASFA is super crazy stressful and difficult to understand. I even do my FASFA because my parents get frustrated with it or are busy and I can't figure it out.I know that sounds pathetic but, it's true. I have been going to college and just moved home and my sister is moving away to college so this is a HUGE change for my family.

    I have been thinking how awesome Skype would be for people that I will not be physically close to but would like to stay connected to. I know that it's awesome to not only see people face to face but, I know some teachers can tutor over Skype.