Sunday, February 13, 2011



For those who do not know I am a Communication Studies graduate student and teaching assistant at Texas Tech University. My area of interest for my thesis is the interpersonal family relationship between mothers and daughters.

I have developed this blog in order to aid in my research on mother-daughter communication. I want to further understand the ever changing relationship that mothers and daughters share focusing specifically on their communication with one another when the daughter goes away to college and moves out on her own.

I am looking for daughters who have graduated high school and are preparing to move away from home to attend college or daughters who have already left home to attend college and I am looking for those mothers who have daughters that fit either of these criteria.

The social problem that I am most interested in exploring and learning more about regarding mother-daughter relationships is how do participants describe communication change between their daughter/mother when geographical distance is increased between them? And how do participants describe how the use of technology aids in helping them maintain their relationship with one another?

My plan is to continuously update this blog with my own personal comments and observations related to mother-daughter communication and then pose questions for you to answer and/or provide your own input on my observations.

I want this to be a place where you feel comfortable revealing your own personal observations and comments, as the more open and honest you are the stronger my study will become.

Thank you for your continued help this semester through my research endeavor.


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